Monday, July 8, 2013

It’s More Fun to be in MP’s Mobile Library

Children are one of the precious gifts God has given us. As a preschool teacher, I believe that children must be exposed to different stories inside or even outside the classroom. This is one way of teaching them significant values and meaningful experiences necessary in their growing years. There are lot of institutions offering a helping hand to enhance the literacy skills of our children One of which is the Museo Pambata (MP) – where learning begins and fun never ends.
Last May 19, 2012, I was able to be part of Museo Pambata’s “Mobile Library”. I used to volunteer as storyteller in MP thus, when I heard about their mobile van carrying books to be shared among children around Manila, I immediately join without any hesitation. When I first entered the mobile library van, I was amazed by how the books were arranged inside. My mind made me realized how blessed the children were. During the trip, I couldn’t hide my excitement to Ms. Charlot, MP’s Library Coordinator. When we reached the place, I have seen lots of children waving their hands as the van approached them. The place was located at Brgy. 412 Legarda, Sampaloc, Manila. There were around 35-40 children of different ages. When the children saw us, they were all smiling and asked us if they could go up see the books inside. We told them that there will be a time for them to borrow and read books of their choice.
Selected Brgy. officials helped us also in facilitating the place and the children. Children were seated on monoblock chairs. One of the brgy. officials introduced us to the children. Afterwards, Ms. Cha gave me a signal to finally tell the story. I personally chose “Si Emang Engkantada at ang Tatlong Haragan” as this story shows love and care for the environment. During the storytelling, the children were listening attentively. Seeing them that way made me realized how important stories were to them. Stories that can capture their young and imaginative minds. After the storytelling questions were asked by Ms. Cha. Children who were able to answer the questions were given simple prizes. An art activity followed the storytelling session. Children were asked to make flowers out of colored paper, glue and straws. When they finished, they gave the flowers to their moms as “thank you” present. How happy to see mothers smiling and feeling proud after their sons/daughters gave them the flowers. After the flower making activity, snacks were served to the children. Everybody was eating happily even those people who passed by the place. When snacks were over, children were allowed to borrow books from the mobile van. Some read by pairs, others read on their own. It was nice to see children getting hooked by reading the books. When they were done, they return the books again back to the mobile van shelves. Group picture taking happened after. Finally, children were given simple token for their participation. The day ended with a big smile for each one of us. As the mobile van about to leave the place, I could still hear the children shouting “bumalik po uli kayo ate, kuya, titser ha!!”. We left the place full of joy and hope that one day we’ll be back again in Brgy. 412.
Storytelling session: Si Emang Engkantada at ang Tatlong Haragan

Happy kids with their palm flowers :-)

I went home happily and fulfilled as I was able to share myself to those underprivileged children even in my simplest way of telling them a story. And this would not be possible without the Museo Pambata’s Mobile Library. May they continue their advocacy in children’s literacy to be able to cater more and more children in and out the Metro.
It was such a great moment to be part of MPs Mobile Library.
More powers MP!
                                           Maira Quevedo

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